Chisholm Unique Program “Creating Future Leaders in Manufacturing Sales”

Posted by kateharris in on 19 July, 2017

Created by Industry for Industry

Chisholm Institute received a grant from the Victorian State Government to support the future of Manufacturing. It is through this grant, that research was conducted in consultation with industry. SEBN and SEMMA identifying where support was required for the Manufacturing industry in order to move into the future.

The research identified Manufacturing companies were often developed with highly technically skilled people with the bottom line of the business needing support with enhancing and implementing robust sales skills and strategies. Chisholm responded by developing an extremely unique program – Creating Future Leaders in Manufacturing Sales.

This is no ordinary course as the students are employed full time and already have Degrees or Diplomas. These students attend an on campus day once a month with an Industry Specialist along with ongoing support through Chisholm Industry Educator who meets with each student for three hours every month to ensure that what is taught is being implemented into their workplace.

This course has been designed to make an impact with every business involved. The students were amazed at what they had learnt and how it has expanded their thinking and knowledge to be applied within their business.

After the launch of the program Ray Keefe, Managing Director – Successful Endeavours said,

I’ve been involved in getting this together and Chisholm have really taken on board the industry feedback to the point where this is, to the best of my knowledge, the best sales training course in Australia aimed at helping local manufacturing businesses grow their top line through better sales processes and conversions.
I was a little sceptical when we started this but now I have seen how Chisholm took on board industry feedback and the external training resources they have brought into this course has way exceeded my expectations.
Feedback from the first day on campus has been extremely positive, even for a few who thought they were already well trained in sales.

If you are interested in learning more about “Creating Future Leaders in Manufacturing Sales” program or enrolling in the next course, which commences late August 2017 please contact Chisholm Institute on 1300 854 039 or the link